Hello! Stratux is a homebuilt ADS-B In receiver for pilots. It's easy to assemble from inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware, and probably already works with your electronic flight bag (EFB) of choice. Even better, if you're so inclined, the software is open-source and hackable so you can build the system that's right for you.

To get started, order the parts from the shopping list below, plug everything in, and load up the software.

Dual Band (most common) Shopping List [~$129.66]

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Motherboard
  2. Pre-programmed SD card with Stratux software
  3. Stratux 1090ES & UAT - Radios and High Gain Antennas
  4. Stratux Case with Fan, White ABS
  5. Slim battery with cable
  6. GPS (optional): GPYes or Vk-162 (remote mount, better signal)
  7. (optional): Stratux AHRS Sensors and Fan Controller / Raspberry Pi MPU9250+BMP280
  8. (optional): Stratux Case Suction Mount

Single Band (cheapest) Shopping List [~$94.98]

  1. Raspberry Pi kit (preloaded with Stratux)
  2. Slim battery with cable
  3. GPS (optional): Vk-162 (remote mount, better signal)

Quickbuild (easiest DIY) Shopping List [$220-260]

  1. Buy here
  2. Slim battery with cable

Pre-built (easiest) [$215-$330]

  1. Stratux Aviation Weather & Traffic ADS-B Receiver - Dual Band with WAAS GPS & Battery Pack - Track Planes & Weather Live!
  2. Everlast Concepts LLC
  3. OpenFlightSolutions FB1X

Canadian source

  1. Complete Stratux kit (w. Raspberry Pi)
  2. Complete Stratux kit (no Raspberry Pi)
  3. Cases: Injection molded
  4. Low power radios
  5. Vk-162 GPS
  6. Pre-programmed SD card
  7. GPYes
  8. AHRS sensor board
  9. Serial output adapter

Loading the Software (to upgrade firmware)

  1. Download the .zip file, latest linked above.
  2. Unzip the file. Look for the ".img" file.
  3. Download and follow prompts for Etcher.


  1. Stick heat sinks onto Raspberry Pi components and snap together case as specified in the Vilros information booklet.
  2. Insert radio (RTL-SDR) dongle into a USB port.
  3. Insert (and secure) the Micro SD card.
  4. Power up and connect to the "stratux" WiFi network.
  5. From a device on the "stratux" network, visit in Chrome. This will let you configure settings and verify that the software is running properly on the Raspberry Pi.
  6. Open your EFB and verify ADS-B receiver connection.

Current Project Status

Feature Status
‣ Weather (978 FIS-B)
‣ Traffic (978 TIS-B)
‣ Traffic (1090ES)
GPS support
‣ Ublox
Serial output (for EFIS connections)
AHRS / Synthetic Vision
Anything else ❌ unsupported

Stratux is currently compatible with many EFB applications. Some of them offer official support, while others simply display data from generic devices, including Stratux. If you don't see your EFB of choice on the list, contact them (and consider filing an issue on GitHub).

EFB platform support Status Details
FlyQ EFB (Seattle Avionics) 2.1+ (iOS) All currently-supported features tested.
Naviator (Android) All currently-supported features tested.
AvNav 2.0.0+ (Android) All currently-supported features tested.
ForeFlight 7.x (iOS) All currently-supported features tested.
WingX (iOS only) All currently-supported features tested.
Avare EFB (Android) All currently-supported features tested.
FltPlan Go (Android, iOS, and Windows) All currently-supported features tested.
DroidEFB All currently-supported features tested.
AerovieReports All currently-supported features tested.
AvPlan EFB All currently-supported features tested.
iFly GPS 9.4+ All currently-supported features tested.
DroidEFB 2.1.1+ All currently-supported features tested.
OzRunways EFB 5.4.2+ 1090 traffic only.

Further Information

EAA writeup on Stratux assembly.

Aviation Safety Magazine Article.

Aviation Consumer Magazine Article. - stratux Slack "chat". Ask for help or suggest/contribute improvements. - stratux community. Ask for help or suggest/contribute improvements. - latest developments. - 3D printable cases.

AerovieReports - Update Stratux firmware seamlessly on iOS. demo here